Shipping Containers

Falvo Mfg. Co. LogoWe begin with attention to your specific products and requirements.

You know the pride you feel when you see your products looking and working perfectly as they come off your assembly line. 

Falvo Mfg. Co. feels the same way when your customer takes it out of the box, looking and working just they way it did when it left you.

And, how many times have you seen a quality product arrive damaged? Manufactures that understand quality in their own products also understand that the customers first impression is based on how the product arrives. Falvo Mfg. work hard to create the safest most cost-effective package you can buy.

From cheese to cannons (that's right...cannons), we have worked with manufacturers to develop packaging to protect their products, all while saving them and their customers money.

Falvo Mfg. has the knowledge to use the finest production techniques and the components to provide you with the best solutions to your shipping requirements.

Falvo Mfg.'s facility is in Utica, New York - just off I-90 NYS Thruway. Our location in the center of the state has enabled us to save companies money on freight and delivery charges.

Call us toll free: 1-888-576-8315

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